How to Save 90% on Cloud Backup Costs

OK so there is no magic 90% off voucher but don't be so hasty in assuming that this is clickbait. There is infact genuine way in which NetApp can help customers save 90% or more on their cloud storage costs. Not only that but they can actually improve the service provided to the business at the same time.

Sounds too good to be true , however read on and i'll show you how to prove it without parting with any cash.

If you've had any interactions with NetApp recently you will have no doubt heard about the Data Fabric , so what is this? In it's simplest form Data Fabric allows customers seamlessly manage their data across diverse IT resources, spanning flash, disk, and cloud.

If you think it sounds a bit too much like marketing check out Neto From Brazil's amazing demo's at our recent technical conference (The video will skip straight to the good stuff).

For the purpose of this blog i'd like to bring our focus to AltaVault. AltaVault is a purpose built backup appliance with a twist - it's purpose is to enable clients to utilise cloud storage for backup, enhancing what is great about cloud and removing the risk.

Cloud storage is ideal for backup data because storage in the cloud is cheap (At the time of writing AWS Glacier storage is $0.007 per GB) it also has a great consumption model in that you only pay for what you use which is in my view as disruptive as any other element of cloud.

There are however downsides to cloud backup

  • Security - How do I ensure my data can't be accessed?

  • Cloud lock in - What if "Cloud Provider A" doubles their price or "Cloud Provider B" suddenly offers a greatly enhanced service?

  • Slow access speeds mean you can't achieve the same RTO's

  • Complex pricing structure (Ingress, Egress, Gets, Puts)

AltaVault acts as a gateway into the cloud, it seamlessly integrates into your environment regardless of your storage vendor. It simply provides an NFS / CIF's front end to your backup application and can be installed and setup in around 30 minutes to an hour.

AltaVault also provides FIPS 140-2 encryption all the way through the process , inline, in transit and at rest ensuring that your data is protected at all times. There is also a cloud migration feature that allows you to migrate your data from one cloud to another should you decide there is a compelling reason to switch.

AltaVault is available in a variety of hardware and software appliances as well as as a cloud appliance. But rather than having to part with any cash or request hardware for a POC anyone can try this absolutely free for 90 days. Just click here and fill in the form to get started , all you need is a HyperVisor and some Storage.

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