Using Storage To Protect Your I.P

As a system engineer at NetApp I meet many clients across a variety of verticals, the challenges whilst all differing in complexity and commercial value all boil down to the same core requirements.

  • I want my application to run quickly

  • I want to pay less for my storage

  • I want it to be simple to manage

I would argue that every vendor out there will claim that they have the fastest storage array the world has ever seen at the lowest possible price and with the most beautifully crafted GUI.

What we forgot to address is:

  • I want to protect my data

  • I want to be able to recover it

I've seen a lot of demonstrations on how a client can backup and clone an application. Many of the vendors will post helpful videos showcasing how they do this through powershell commands and custom scripts. More alarmingly i've also heard tales of SE's from other regions having to write custom scripts for clients.

Great ... how do I implement that in reality? Who supports it? How does it handle dirty pages? How do I report on it? What happens when the script needs changing?

Is this really a method that you want to rely on to recover your CRM should the proverbial hit the fan?

NetApp has for years offered class leading application integration, integration that allows us to automate full backups of large datasets in a couple of minutes whilst being able to restore just as quickly. We have thousands upon thousands using our SnapManager products worldwide saving clients time and money, but it's not quite enough.

Yesterday we announced the next evolution of our SnapManager suite with the introduction of SnapCenter. This builds on the already excellent capabilities of Clustered Data ONTAP by provide clients with an easy button for data protection.

Through a centralised html5 GUI that is RBAC enabled clients can:

  • Provide Self Service restore / backup / clone capability to application owners

  • Remotely deploy application plugins

  • Monitor, Report, Schedule Backup & Cloning

As a NetApp customer you don't have to worry about custom scripts and community supported backups, you get an easy button. Your data is protected quickly, consistent with the application and importantly you can restore it in a few clicks.

Given that Clustered Data Ontap works across Flash , Disk and Cloud we let our clients choose the right cost / performance blend for their application. However, irrespective of where that data sits we provide market leading application integration that protects their IP whilst being easy to consume.

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