NetApp Cloud Storage Automation

With the launch of OnCommand Cloud Manager 3.4.1 NetApp has introduced a tool called Cloud Storage Automation, whilst in BETA this tool enables a customer to analyse their AWS storage environment to find opportunities to decrease costs and highlight areas where data protection enhancements can be made.

In it's initial release the tool identifies potential cost savings through over allocation, un-associated volumes and snapshots. The tool also highlights the average RPO and any volumes that do not have snapshots enabled whilst also showing volumes that are running out of space.

The feature is embedded into OnCommand Cloud Manager from 3.4.1 for all deployments in AWS and collects data from all EC2 instances, EBS volumes and S3 snapshots in the region where Cloud Manager resides. The analysis excludes any volumes associated to ONTAP Cloud as these will benefit from thin provisioning and enhanced snapshot capabilities. The report can be run on demand or scheduled weekly.

Below shows the output from my environment:

NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager is available in the AWS Marketplace here

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